MAGIC Magazine

MAGIC Magazine

MAGIC Magazine was created in 2001 by Stan Allen. He originally had a newsletter that topped out at eight pages and decided to spin it into an independent magazine for magicians, increasing that page count all the way up to around 100 per issue!

The magazine ran from 2001 until it was retired in 2016. Over the 25-year run, there were a total of 301 issues and an outstanding 31,526 pages!

Each issue was filled with many wonderful tricks, articles, interviews, and feature stories. The very first issue features Lance Burton on the cover, and over the years we've seen many, many other magicians such as David Copperfield, Dai Vernon (posthumous story by Bruce Cervon), Mac King, Paul Gertner, Pierric, Amazing Johnathan, and many more!

There were trick, book, and video reviews, magic updates, letters to the editor, and that fun little Talk About Tricks column. The magazine had a great run, and unfortunately, I missed it while it was still in print -- but, at least I have the digital version.

The publication itself, though retired, does still live on annually via the MAGIC Live! convention. The same team that published the magazine continues to produce the convention itself which attracts over 1,600 magicians each year. For information about the convention, check out MAGIC Live.

Where to buy?

A complete file of all 301 digital issues is available for purchase from Also, the collection is available for browsing with your subscription to Genii Magazine or Ask Alexander.

MAGIC Magazine ran for 25 years between 1991 and 2016, operated by Stan Allen.