Super Card Man Stuff

Super Card Man Stuff

Super Card Man Stuff, a thick 60 page booklet by Al Leech's, full of card magic routines.

There are twenty five card routines in this booklet, each one useable as an everyday trick. There are color changes, gambling routines, packet switches, four ace productions, and more.

Al Leech's material is, and this is true for all of his booklets, consumable and easy to follow. The black-and-white photographs are also perfect shots to help clarify the writing and luckily they are decent quality for the 1960's.

Even when I was flipping through this booklet for the first time, I came across a routine that I've been doing for over 2 years now and that I've seen on Instagram a time or two, The Chameleon Pair. I never knew the origin to this routine, I had only discerned it by watching others. Now I can properly credit the source! But, it also goes to show just how useful some of these smaller and older booklets really are!

Contents of Super Card Man Stuff

  • About the Author
  • Speedy Transposition
  • The Snide
  • The Marked Card
  • Doubly Marked
  • Vanishing Card
  • Three Plus One
  • Flip Flop Floop
  • Top to Bottom Change
  • A Divination
  • Four Ace Vanish
  • Right, Wrong, Right
  • A Chameleon Pair
  • Face Up Coincidence
  • Triple Coincidence
  • Pseudo Color Change
  • Two hands: Four Aces
  • Paint Brush
  • Five Aces
  • Back Scratch
  • Cut the Aces
  • Double Vanish
  • Pseudo Boomerang
  • Phantom Monte
  • Four Aces
  • The Better Magician
This book is written by and featuring the work of Al Leech. Mine is a staple-bound copy published in 1965 by Magic, Inc. with a total of 60 pages.