False Anchors V1

False Anchors V1

False Anchors Playing Cards, the first False Anchors deck produced by Ryan Schlutz, embraces his philosophy of hiding in plain sight through, you guessed it, false anchors.

The deck features a unique marking system that, once you've learned it, is quite easy to spot quickly. If you don't know it, it's difficult to find! However, as subtle as it is it does still fail the riffle test if you're looking at the edges (but if you're staring at the center of the card edges, it'll be invisible).

The Ace of Spades from the False Anchors V1 deck
The custom Ace of Spades and a glimpse of the card's back design.

The faces and courts are standard USPCC Bicycle faces which makes the deck great to be used as a worker deck. It's familiar enough to be used with any audience, but it also allows you to mix cards from other decks with similar faces too.

Close-up view of the deck's Jokers
The deck's identical Jokers.

One killer gaff card that's included, which is honestly a million times more useful than a standard blank-faced card that comes in these custom decks, is a double-faced card! One on side is a Joker that's identical to the other two Jokers in the deck. On the flip side, an Ace of Hearts. I can already sense the killer routines that can be created with this one!

The deck consists of 56 cards:

  • 52 playing cards
  • Two identical jokers
  • One double backer
  • One double faced card featuring a Joker and Ace of Hearts

Where to buy?

Unfortunately, the last time I checked False Anchors V1 was out of stock. You can still check out the product page at False Anchors to make sure though. And, there's always eBay!

Buy at False Anchors

This deck is created by False Anchors and designed by Phil Shaw. It's beautifully printed by USPCC on Classic stock with a Magic finish. The deck features a double-backer, a double face card, one side is a Joker and the other is the Ace of Hearts, and two identical jokers. The tuck case has a mattee design and is seal free!