Unanchored Standard Edition

Unanchored by Ryan Schlutz, a deck that's not currently available for individual purchase, is a deviation from Ryan's False Anchors family, though still keeping with an anchor theme.

The tuck case is my favorite of all of his decks so far. A deep blue, minimalistic design with a single anchor on the front. Broken, to pieces.

The cards themselves are printed on USPCC Premium Crushed stock with that sweet, sweet magic finish. The back design is speckled, as if an anchor exploded across the entirety of it. Unlike Ryan's other decks, this one doesn't appear to be marked. At least, it fully passes the riffle test and I see no discernable differences between different cards.

The Unanchored deck's case and back design.
The broken back design, like an anchor shattered into a hundred pieces.

The faces are pretty awesome, in my opinion. Each card features a broken pip and it somehow just "fits" into the design. The only routine idea I've come up with so far, utilizing it, is using it as a one-way identifier because even with the Threes, where the broken pip's in the middle, it's craftily broken in such a way that it's one-way and not symmetrical. I'm sure there's other uses too, but this is my initial thought.

The Queen of Hearts, sandwiched between two Jokers.
The Queen of Hearts, featuring a broken pip.

There are also some gaffs included, mostly focusing on duplicate cards and who doesn't like duplicate cards right?

An interesting palm-reading styled gaff card.
A palm-reading themed gaff card on the back of a duplicate 2 of Clubs.

The deck consists of 56 cards:

  • 52 playing cards
  • Two identical Jokers, except one has a 3 of Spades on it's back
  • A duplicate 7 of Hearts
  • A duplicate 2 of Clubs with a custom "hand" on it's back

This deck is created by False Anchors and designed by Salomanda. It's beautifully printed by USPCC on Premium Crushed stock with an air-cushioned finish. The deck features custom pips on all cards, a duplicate 7 of Hearts, a duplicate Two of Clubs with a custom back, and a Joker with a Three of Spades on the back, and two non-identical jokers. The tuck case has an embossed, letter-pressed design, and is seal free!